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Meet and Exceed Your Sales Goals

Successful selling does not happen by accident, it is a planned event. REACH Development Systems has years of experience working with a variety of sales forces. We focus on proven fundamental sales skills, teaching the participants to follow a process that builds their client relationships and increases their closing percentages.

process orientedProcess Oriented Selling

If you want your team to develop their key sales skills, this is a great course. In this two-day program we cover the full gamut of the sales process. From professionalism and attitude, through phone calling, appointment setting and handling the conducting the appointment. We always focus on the needs of the prospect and matching those needs to the product or service you are selling. We end the session with an interactive case study session that is written specifically with you customers in mind. Here is the curriculum, but know that we can customize it to meet specific issues that your team is facing in the sales process.

  • Professional Selling
  • Maintaining a Productive Attitude
  • Setting Appointments
  • Prospecting for Results
  • Pre-sales Planning
  • Directed Questioning
  • Tie Your Product to Client’s Needs
  • Presenting Your Solution
  • Overcoming Objections
  • Maximizing Time and Effort
  • Managing Major Accounts
  • Productive Record Keeping
  • Building Client Rapport

Advanced Selling Techniques

As a follow-up to Process Oriented Selling, or as an interactive workshop for experienced salespeople, Advanced Selling Techniques is a real winner. During this program we will challenge your sales professionals to take a detailed look at their sales funnel and highlight where they could improve. Then we will give them specific techniques to improve their individual positions. Further, we will explore how they can more efficiently move their prospects through the phases of the sales process and move them through their funnel. Finally, we will use custom designed case studies to solidify and advance the classroom learning.

Value Added Selling

Many sales forces enjoy a limited customer base with whom they must maintain an ongoing level of contact. Because of this unique situation these professionals must develop high levels of rapport with their key customers. This program is designed to teach your sales team to add value to the sales process and make themselves invaluable to the client. Issues discussed during this 2-day program include:

  • The Power of Value Added Selling
  • Developing Better Client Relationships
  • Discovering the Client’s Needs
  • Responding to the Client
  • Anticipating the Client’s Needs
  • Using Added Value to Get Future Sales

Negotiating the Win-Win

As a high stakes business deal comes to its culmination the pressure increases and both parties are looking for an edge. How will your team perform in this crucial situation? Will they be able to negotiate an agreement that will be fair and profitable or will they put your company in a difficult situation for years to come? This exciting, full day workshop will enable executives, sales professionals, and procurement personnel to more effectively negotiate business contracts that are equitable and rewarding. During the program we will cover the following:

  • Understanding and Building Negotiating Power
  • Intelligence and Planning
  • Negotiating Personalities
  • Dealing with Negotiating Tactics

Strategic Presentations for Sales Professionals

Quite often the biggest sale requires giving a presentation to a selection committee or  an executive team. The organizations that win those deals are the ones that develop a positive relationship with the audience and clearly communicate how their  product or service will uniquely meet the client’s needs. This 2-day program will help the sales professional to develop their presentation skills while showing them how to use proven sales techniques in this setting. As with our other presentation program we use interactive coaching and the use of video tape for direct feedback.

Web Demos 400x-1Delivering Effective Web-Based Demos

Now that the internet has become ubiquitous, its use for all types of business purposes has broadened. For many organizations being able to inexpensively demonstrate their software applications on the web has allowed them to increase their exposure and their potential customer base. Unfortunately if these web demos aren’t conducted properly they can damage the opportunity rather than enhance it. This program is designed to help those who conduct on-line demos to better prepare, conduct and follow-up on these opportunities.

Course Process

Unlike most training courses this program doesn’t just deliver canned information and hope that it helps your team to improve. Instead we have designed this program to speak directly to the issues and needs of your organization. This is done through a unique 3-step process.

1. Our trainer audits 3 web-based demos conducted by members of your team with a goal of learning about your application, your prospect’s needs and areas where your process could be improved.

2. We adapt the course to reflect your issues and conduct it for your team in either a 1-day on-site or 4 session web-based format.

3. Personal coaching is conducted for each class member by having the instructor audit a web-based demo of every class member. This would include the audit, a follow-up phone conversation and a written summary for both the participant and his or her supervisor.


Course Objectives

  • Understanding why many web-based demos are ineffective
  • Learn how to communicate effectively with your sales team
  • Develop a process to properly prepare for your demo
  • Design specific questions to engage your prospects during the demo
  • Create a flow to the demo that maintains the prospect’s interest

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