Punch It Up!

I love going to the State Fair! Not for the midway, or the shows, or even for the food. I love going to watch the people sell those crazy products. Ever-sharp knives that can cut through a hammer and still make wafer thin tomato slices. Miracle cloths that can soak up a whole cup of spilled coffee and not drip on the way to the sink. Feather dusters that magnetically attract dust and can clean even the highest places. And there is always a two-for-one special for the first five customers. I know that on more than one occasion I’ve purchased a product or two at the fair, not because I needed it but because the seller was so adept at his or her trade that I couldn’t resist myself. And I’m not the only one. After each pitch, customers crowd around reaching for their wallets.

What is it about these pitchmen and their presentations that make them so successful? The products are all right, but you could probably buy them at your local discount store. The price is fine but they are not giving these things away. And it isn’t really convenient to haul this stuff around the fair for the rest of the day. The two attributes that attract us to these presenters and make them so successful are their enthusiasm and conviction. They give their pitch with fervor and excitement. Their delivery is at a high volume and with an even higher pace. They believe unconditionally in the product’s ability to dramatically improve your quality of life. And they have the ability to transfer that belief to their prospects.

Compare their passion to that of the last corporate presentation you watched. Usually it’s about as exciting as watching paint dry. Think about your own presentation. Are you so buttoned-down and professional that you’re boring? You don’t have to get to the level of the state fair pitchman but if you want to carry the day with your idea then you had better put some punch into your style.

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