Tip #26 You Must Believe

Do you REALLY believe that your customer should buy your product or service over that of the competition? In this video we discuss how important it is to truly believe.

Tip #25 Attitude Residue

In this video Bill discusses how to control your attitude when the normal events of the day start to affect how you treat your customers.

Tip #24 Quit Fooling Yourself

Are you really doing the work that it takes to be successful in sales, or are you fooling yourself? In this video Bill discusses what can happen when we take this to the extreme.

Tip #23 You Should Know

In this video we discuss key information you should know before going into an appointment.

Tip #22 You Deserve Compensation

While we may do our best to serve our customers, we are not at their service to do anything they want for free. When a customer or prospect asks you to do something for them, you have the right to ask for compensation. Watch to find out more.

Tip #21 Change the Value Proposition

Quit complaining that your price is too high and learn how to increase the value of your product or service.

Tip #20 Be An Advocate

In this video we discuss the importance of helping your customers avoid the pitfalls of working with your organization.

Tip #19 What is the Goal?

In sales you have many activities to accomplish such as prospecting and meeting with clients. In this video we discuss the importance of the ultimate goal in selling.

Tip #18 – Sell the Hole?

Be careful that you don’t get too wrapped up in selling features and benefits. There is something much more important to the prospect.

Tip #17 – Do Something

Training, preparation and practice all have their place, but if you really want to develop a skill you have to do something.

Tip #16 – Choose Wisely

There are many ways to communicate with your customers. In this video we discuss how to choose the best one.

Tip #15 – Resist the Urge

Often salespeople are too quick to sell to the first need they discover at the expense of a bigger opportunity that requires more probing to be uncovered.

Tip #14 – Avoid Me?

Could you be doing some things that make your customers reluctant to see you? In this video Bill discusses how salespeople can cause their customers to avoid them and ways to change that.

Tip #13 – If It Was Easy…

Bill explains why taking the easy path as a sales person won’t earn you the big commissions.

Tip #12 – It’s Always On

When you are in a selling or negotiating situation, be careful about what you say. It can be used against you!

Tip #11 – A Culture of Service

Learn to delight your customers and you will build loyalty that pays big dividends far into the future.

Tip #10 – Show & Tell

Are your customers nodding off during your presentation? Do this and they will be more interested, involved and likely to buy.

Tip #9 – The Price Question

What should we do when early in our sales process the customers asks, “What is this going to cost?” In this video we give you some ideas on how to handle this situation.

Tip #8 – How to Get More Done

With the story of Ivy Lee and Charles Schwab we introduce an important productivity tip for sales professionals in 2-Minute Selling Tip #8.

Tip #7 – Cell Phones are Great

Cell phones are a fabulous tool that enable salespeople to be more productive while on the road. But like any tool, we need to be careful about how and when we use them.

Tip #6 – Strike While the Iron is Hot

Nike says “Just Do It” and we say “Just Do It NOW!”. Opportunities need to be jumped on as soon as possible. In this video we discuss how important it is to call on leads immediately.

Tip #5 – Using Questions in Your Appointment

How and when we ask questions during our appointment can have a great affect on the quality of answers we get from our prospects. During this video we will give your three ideas to get the prospect more open to answering honestly.

Tip #4 – Ask Better Questions

Questions are the key to a successful prospect interview. The quality and honesty of the answers hinges on how and when you ask the questions. In this forth selling tips video we discuss three techniques for asking better questions.

Tip #3 – Meeting People

In this video we discuss ways to build positive relationships when meeting new people.

Tip #2 – Be Ready To Play

This video outlines three guidelines that successful salespeople follow to increase their chances of a successful appointment.

Tip #1 – Your Attitude Controls Your Altitude

This is the first video of a new series REACH Development will be producing on how to sell more effectively. In this first video we discuss four ways to get a better attitude and maintain it.

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