customer care

How are your customers being treated?

Your customer base is a valuable resource. How are they being cared for by the members of your team? And what are you learning from them that can grow and improve your business overall?


Customer Service 400x-1Top Flight Customer Service

Building your customer base is difficult and expensive work. And taking care of those customers is of utmost importance. Studies by the Small Business Administration show that 68% of customers who decide to do business elsewhere do so because they feel “un-appreciated” by the organization. In this program we will teach your staff what they can do to keep those customers always feeling appreciated. In addition we will give them proven techniques to more effectively listen to customers and solve their problems. It’s all designed to keep your customers coming back again and again, and bringing their friends with them!

Understanding the Customer

The first step in providing top-flight customer service is to realize how the customer is feeling, what they are thinking and how they will respond to the actions of your staff. During this section we will examine survey data and anecdotal evidence to better understand the customer.

Welcoming the Customer

The customer’s reaction to your organization will be determined very much on how they are welcomed by your staff. This portion of the workshop will deal with how to create a positive first impression and show the customer how much they are valued.

 Serving the Customer

This segment will include the crucial topics:

  • Listening to the customer
  • Pleasing the customer
  • Appreciating the customer

 Solving the Customer’s Problems

A customer with a problem is our best opportunity for developing long-term loyalty. During this final part of the workshop your staff will learn a proven process for helping to solve customer issues to everyone’s satisfaction.

Career Enhancement Seminars

In order to provide our clients maximum flexibility in the design and implementation of a training process we have designed our Career Enhancement Seminar to be totally modular. This allows you to choose and implement only those topics that are of greatest concern to your organization. We make it our responsibility to compile the modules you’ve selected into a cohesive and seamless program.


Team Building

  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Relating to Others
  • Valuing Diversity
  • Developing Productive Teams
  • Effective Listening
  • Creating a Common Vision

  • Breaking Down Barriers
  • Empowering Others to Take Action
  • Conducting Positive Meetings
  • Contributing in Groups
  • Team Communications
  • Building Trust

Leadership Development

  • Identifying Your Natural Strengths
  • Setting Career Goals
  • Taking More Confident Action
  • Consistent Accountability
  • Effective Coaching

  • Leadership Strategies
  • Getting Motivated
  • Impacting an Audience
  • Praising Accomplishment
  • Dealing with Stress
  • Selling Your Ideas

Selling Skills

  • Prospecting for Results
  • Setting Appointments
  • Building Client Rapport
  • Directed Questioning
  • Tie Your Product to Client’s Needs
  • Emotional Buying Decisions
  • Overcoming Objections
  • Closing the Sale
  • Managing Major Accounts
  • Effective Networking
  • Maximizing Time and Effort
  • Productive Record Keeping


Because of this modular concept we can develop a program that not only focuses on your particular needs, but that con be conducted in a way that fits the schedule of your team.


Conducting Client Interviews

Companies are always trying to develop new products and discover additional opportunities. They research the marketplace and look at what the competition is doing. But quite often, they overlook one of their best sources for information – their own customers. In this program we’re going to examine how to conduct better interviews that encourage the customer to give you all of the information you need to help them. We’ll also take the time to practice this process through the use of specifically written case studies. Key areas we cover:

  • Organizing for the interview
  • Preparing effective questions
  • Guidelines for productive interviews
  • Post interview follow-up

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