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Be Honest, Do You Ever…

  • Pass up the chance to present because you’re uncomfortable with public speaking?
  • Feel that an audience just isn’t tuned in to what you have to say?
  • Go blank or lose your train of thought during an important point?
  • Get flustered by hostile remarks or questions?
  • Think that at times your audience is bored with your talk?
  • Wish you had more confidence in your speaking style and abilities?

If you can relate to these common presentation challenges then one of these workshops can help!


Learn How To… 

  • Develop a speaking style that is comfortable and effective
  • Prepare your talks so that the audience really listens
  • Consistently speak to the needs of the group
  • Deal with the nervousness and apprehension that goes with speaking
  • Avoid the 10 most common presentation mistakes
  • Use your voice and gestures to increase the impact of your words
  • Field questions confidently from friend and foe alike
  • Leave them wanting you to come back again and again




 Presenting strategyProfessional Communications: Strategies & Styles

Designed for executives and other professionals, this 2-day program will give you the skills you need to give great presentations – every time. During the program you will prepare and present 6 talks ranging between 2 and 10 minutes in length. Our instructors will consult with you on the content and structure of each talk, and give you personal guidance as you deliver them. Additionally, they will help you privately to analyze these videoed presentations allowing you to immediately develop the styles and strategies you need to communicate with impact and confidence.




 Technical Pres 400x-1Technical Presentations Course 

Technical talks don’t have to be boring or unintelligible to the audience. The Technical Presentations Course will allow you take the technical knowledge you possess and help you deliver it to a variety of audiences. During the 2 days of this course our instructors will help you develop your talks, coach you during your delivery and give you immediate feedback through the use of video.

Strategic Pres for Sales 400x-1Strategic Presentations for Sales Professionals

Quite often the biggest sale requires giving a presentation to a selection committee or an executive team. The organizations that win those deals are the ones that develop a positive relationship with the audience and clearly communicate how their product or service will uniquely meet the client’s needs. This 2-day program will help the sales professional to develop their presentation skills while showing them how to use proven sales techniques in this setting. As with our other presentation program we use interactive coaching and the use of video for direct feedback.


Comm Strat for Mods 400x-1Communication Strategies for Moderators

This exciting two-day seminar is designed to give you and your team the ability to conduct more interactive and effective meetings. In addition, it will enable the participants to present more professionally as well as increase their confidence. During this course each of the participants would not only learn how to assertively lead in a group setting, but would also be coached regarding their moderating style.

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