Drive Value

The selling gap is the difference between where a client is (in relation to your product) and where they would like to be. Sometimes that gap is desire and sometimes it is pain. Your goal is to discover the gap and if possible, widen it. We do this through thoughtful and strategic questioning. For example, the customer might say, “I can’t get my guys to wear their safety equipment consistently.”  Many sales people would jump on that need and say something like, “Our harnesses are the most comfortable in the industry. Let me tell you about them…” The problem with this approach is that the salesperson starts to talk about what they think is important and the customer is left to listen. A more effective approach would be to ask more questions to widen the gap.

Why do you think the guys aren’t wearing their equipment all the time?
What effect has this had on safety at the site?
How much time do you think they are wasting taking off, and putting on their safety equipment?
What would happen if there was a fall, and a guy wasn’t following proper safety procedures?
What do you think it would take for them to wear their equipment regularly?

Using this approach will allow the customer to talk and reveal more about his issues, what type of solution he needs, and what value it will provide for him. Then when the salesperson offers a solution, the fit is precise and the customer understands the true value.

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